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Black Doll Laser

The technical name for the black doll laser procedure is carbon laser skin rejuvenation. The Black Doll carbon laser facial treatment is a laser treatment that smooths away imperfections from the skin’s surface and reduces signs of aging.

Your skin type, medical history, and medication will be checked during your consultation to make sure you are suitable for treatment. We first cleanse your face and then lightly apply carbon lotion. This acts as a photo enhancer, and the light of the laser is absorbed by the black particles of carbon. These particles get blasted off and take the top layer of dead skin with them as the laser moves across your skin. The laser also deals with enlarged pores, areas of pigmentation, and scarring – and it also plumps the skin.

The black doll laser procedure fills, shatters, and removes impurities such as dead skin cells. The procedure also promotes a gentle inflammatory response, that helps in the replenishment of collagen and elastin. You will get immediate clarity and skin tightening. Lastly, it also promotes ongoing dermal stimulation for up to 6 months.

Wonderful results of the black doll laser procedure

a) It may gradually minimize pores
b) Could help reveal a luminous complexion
c) May help even skin tone and texture
d) It helps clear dead skin cells
e) Effective on hands, chest, and back
f) Reducing the signs of premature aging
g) Improving skin integrity and radiance
h) Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
i) Increasing skin tone and texture
j) Stimulating collagen growth for firmer, plumper skin
k) Reducing oily skin or exfoliating dry skin
l) Erasing or fading yellow/brown pigmentation
m) Shrinking scars (must be young scars of small diameter).
n) Safe and effective for all types of acne.
o) Gently clean your pores to help reduce blackheads and whiteheads
p) Eliminates the need to extract comedones
q) Simultaneously targets acne bacteria and shrinks your sebaceous glands for reduced oil production, congestion, and outbreaks
r) Decreases cyst size, papules, and nodules

Is the black doll laser procedure harmful? Does it have side effects?

Black doll laser is a non-invasive procedure, which directly means the side-effects are minimal. Some patients can experience minor redness on the face after a carbon charcoal mask. However, this usually disappears within a few hours. Lastly, we recommend you avoid makeup for a few hours after the procedure just to ensure the makeup does not interact with and/ or irritate the skin.

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How many treatment sessions will I need?

It is recommended to subscribe to multiple sessions of Black Doll Laser Treatment. While 4 to 6 sessions is the typical treatment plan, it may depend on the result we want.

Meet your treatment provider, Dr. Rajan Tajhya

Certified Dermatologist Dr. Rajan Tajhya
Dr. Rajan Tajhya

Dr. Rajan Babu Tajhya is a board-certified dermatologist and laser specialist. He completed his M.B.B.S. from Kathmandu University and Specialized Dermatology from Tribhuwan University in the year 2010 A.D.

Dr. Rajan Babu Tajhya keeps himself updated on the latest treatment procedures available in Dermatology. Our past clients frequently praise him for his calm personality and ethical treatment methodologies.

Dr. Tajhya has successfully done black doll laser treatment in the past. Mr. Tajhya would rather do the removal treatment perfectly over a course of sessions than try to rush and improperly complete the treatment at once.

He is extremely well-spoken with his clients, but his actions and results certainly speak more than his words.

Black doll laser price in Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal

We at Alka Skin Clinic are committed to providing excellent treatment experiences to our clients. Currently, the Black Doll Laser treatment is priced at a generous rate of Rs. 4,500 per treatment.