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Laser Tattoo Removal in Kathmandu, Nepal: Price, Info, Is it safe?

There were times when we had to think real good about getting a tattoo.

As exciting as getting a tattoo was, the fact that they are permanent was scary for most people. Thus, it made some people extremely paranoid about it.

Some were even paralyzed with the thought that they would regret for the rest of their lives if they got a tattoo that did not mean anything to them anymore.

But luckily for us, those days of paranoia and toxic fear are over. Medical science now enables us to get a tattoo when we like it and remove one when we like it.

However, this does not mean we advise you to tattoo everything everywhere on your body as a toddler draws on his notebook. The meaningful part of getting a tattoo is still there. It is just that you don’t have to hate yourself for the rest of your lives if you get a tattoo that you can’t get rid of now.

Laser tattoo is a boon of modern science that allows you to get rid of the tattoo that is “permanent.”

Why people want to remove their tattoo

1. It is a bad tattoo in the wrong place. (We understand, mistakes happen.)
2. You need to look professional for your new job or career path.
3. Your girlfriend/boyfriend is now your ex. (Their fault, not yours. Why keep anything that reminds you of them.)
4. You want to fly abroad for any reason whatsoever.
5. You want to get enlisted in the army.
6. A misspelled tattoo or an improperly done tattoo art.
7. And many more.

What is laser tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal is a procedure that removes the tattoo ink from the human skin using specialized lasers.

With a series of treatments, the tattoo is removed layer by layer. Basically, the laser fragments the tattoo ink and your body removes these tiny fragments from the skin tissues itself. Although this may sound too simple and too good to be true, we will talk about this in a while.

Note that we said a series of treatments and not a single treatment. This is not because we want to give you more hassles or want to charge you more for the same service. It is that the skin tissue is a very delicate part of the human body. If we put it through intense laser treatment and try to remove the tattoo at once, we might end up damaging the skin.

If we try to overdo it, you might overwhelm the skin, and marks might be left over, sometimes even scarring.

Damaged skin will show scars, burns, and messy tattoo remains, which is the exact opposite of what we want: clear, smooth skin after total tattoo removal. This is why you need an experienced professional to do this job. At Alka Cosmetic and Dermatology, we have the best hands to do exactly that. (We’ll introduce him later.)

The science behind laser tattoo removal

Your treatment provider will use an ultrashort pulse laser to remove your tattoo. This kind of laser releases laser pulses in the picosecond time scale.

To understand how laser tattoo removal works, you first have to know what a tattoo is.

Basically, the tattoo ink that your tattoo artist uses is a heavy metal. This does not mean that the metal is heavy, although they are. In the periodic table of elements, there are a handful of metals that fall in the heavy metals category. (A bit of high school chemistry here.)

A tattoo machine is nothing but a sterilized set of needles that injects the heavy metal inside the skin surface and in the inner layer, the dermis. Your tattoo artist uses a different kind of heavy metal depending on the color of the ink needed.

However, since this is a foreign particle, your immune system will immediately try to remove it from the body. Since the heavy metal particles are greater than the tiny white blood cells, they can’t be removed right away. Nevertheless, your body will gradually work to remove it. This is why a tattoo appears less sharp and faded with age.

But what if we could break the heavy metals into even smaller fragments so that your white blood cells can easily deal with them and remove them from the body?

This is exactly what is done in the tattoo removal procedure. The intense, fast-pulsed laser beams break these metal particles and the body’s white blood cells carry them to the liver, from where it is sent to the excretory system.

Can all tattoos be removed by laser tattoo removal?

Although it might feel like this, not all tattoos are the same.

Tattoos defer from each other in terms of the type of ink used, the intensity of the penetration, and how deep the ink reacted with the skin tissues.

Thus, depending on the type of pigment that your tattoo artist used, we might need different kinds of laser beams to get rid of the tattoo. In general, black tattoos are the easiest to remove because the color black absorbs all the wavelengths of the laser beam. Meanwhile, other colors like red, green, or blue only absorb the laser beam partially and hence need special treatment procedures.

Is laser tattoo removal going to hurt?

The tattoo that you got certainly hurt going in. Hence, it is obviously gonna hurt going out. Of all the good things that laser tattoo removal is, there is one thing it is not: It is not painless.

The pain is temporary and tolerable. But you have to make sure you don’t get left with scars or a badly done removal. This is why you need an experienced tattoo removal professional.

Things to know before removing your tattoo

1. The type of laser being used.
2. How much injury will the procedure cause to the skin.
3. Do not try to remove a large tattoo at a single session. Too much of the ink might get dispersed into the circulation, which may lead to complications.
4. Due to the natural wound healing phenomenon, swelling is common but ask your treatment provider about the post-removal care measures.

On that note, let us introduce you to Mr. Rajan Tajha.

Meet your treatment provider, Dr. Rajan Tajha

Certified Dermatologist Dr. Rajan Tajhya
Dr. Rajan Tajhya

Dr. Rajan Babu Tajhya is a board-certified dermatologist and laser specialist. He completed his M.B.B.S. from Kathmandu University and Specialized Dermatology from Tribhuwan University in the year 2010 A.D.

Dr. Rajan Babu Tajhya keeps himself updated in the latest treatment procedures available in Dermatology. Our oast clients frequently praise him for his calm personality and ethical treatment methodologies.

Dr. Tajhya has successfully done laser tattoo removal treatment in the past. Mr. Tajhya would rather do the removal treatment perfectly over a course of sessions than try to rush and improperly complete the treatment at once.

He is extremely well-spoken with his clients, but his actions and results certainly speak more than his words.

What will happen during and after the procedure?

The laser beams will be concentrated on your tattoo area.

Also, you might notice a slightly raised skin surface when the laser is focused on the body part. A white patch effect might also appear. These are all temporary procedures and the effects will subside shortly afterward.

After the procedure, you might feel a little sore. The treated part of your body might be bandaged. After the scabs have come off and everything is healed, you’ll come for your second or third treatment procedure.

Tattoo Removal Price in Kathmandu, Nepal

There is no fixed price quotation for tattoo removal. It depends on the size and complexity of the tattoo.

Simpler, smaller tattoos might need fewer sessions while a larger, complex tattoo art might need more sessions.

You can send your tattoo picture via our Facebook or Instagram page, and we will decide on the best price for you.

Where to get started and get my tattoo removed as soon as possible?

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You can also reach out to us via our Facebook page and Instagram page.



Laser Tattoo Removal in Kathmandu, Nepal: Price, Info, Is it safe?